Sponsorship – Friends

‘Friends of Sangeetha’ Program

Sangeetha’s reach has been steadily growing over the years and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is fast becoming one of St. Louis’ premier cultural institutions. Our audience includes professionals, students, businessmen, and women, from different ethnic backgrounds, all sharing a common love for Indian classical music. Your organization can support Sangeetha in one of many ways. What’s more in 2024 we are completing 40 years in sincere service of Indian Classical Music in Greater St. Louis.MO.

Sangeetha seeks support from our well wishers and your contributions in Cash and in Kind are both welcome.

  • Donations to Sangeetha under Friends of Sangeetha program – Sangeetha being a Not-for-Profit Organization in good standing holding IRS 501 C certification, donations made to Sangeetha, St. Louis gets you Tax break. For all donations received during the financial year, Sangeetha will issue a letter of receipt of donation for your Tax records.
  • Sponsor or Co-Sponsor Sangeetha’s events /concerts – Sangeetha organizes 8 – 10 events/concerts in a give n year and it is usually a healthy mix of live concerts in Hindustani and Carnatic Classical music -vocal and instrumental by musical maestros and also local talent.


Other ways you can support Sangeetha, St. Louis.

  • Promoting our concerts within your circle of influence or members of your esteemed organization.
  • As a sales channel for tickets
  • Volunteering at Sangeetha’s events/concerts.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us at email@sangeetha.org

Thank you for your continued patronage and love for Sangeetha, St. Louis. MO.