Annual Membership

Important Update for our Members

All of us are aware of the unprecedented Pandemic – COVID 19 and how it has impacted human lives all over the world since early 2020. The Impact of COVID has continued to be felt in 2021 as well.

Due to this like every other organization – Sangeetha’s regular activities to bring to you all Live concerts on Indian classical music (Hindustani and Carnatic) by eminent and upcoming artists has been hampered since March 2020.

Against this backdrop, we had to strategize what we can do to bring to you all beautiful music concerts. We were fortunate with support of some leading musicians to bring virtual online concerts since October 2020 till March 2021. We plan to repeat the next series of virtual online concerts from October 2021 to April 2022.

The Board and Executive Team is happy to inform every member that we have waived Annual Membership subscriptions for our members for 2020 and 2021. The Board and Executive Team will revisit this in early 2022 to decide what should be our stance for 2022.

We want to let all our members who had their membership current as of Dec 31, 2019, we will update in our Membership Register all your memberships to be current till Dec 31, 2021.

When we commence 2022, that will be our current active members register.

There have been few Annual Membership subscriptions received in 2020 and 2021 and The Board and Executive Team sincerely thank those few members for their contribution to Sangeetha.

We look forward to continuing the service for promotion of Indian classical music within the limitations we face due to COVID and its variants.

Wish every member health and happiness.

The Board and Executive Team of Sangeetha, St.Louis.

Dear Sangeetha Rasikas,

Enjoy world-class music and help foster cultural diversity. Your membership will be the sheet anchor to strengthen the cultural fabric in the St. Louis area and develop an appreciation of this dimension of Indian classical music and rich culture.

Membership fees are $150 per year for a family and $100 for an individual. (Nominal charges for fundraising concerts held once a year).

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Family Membership $150 / year
Single Membership $100 / year

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  • Free concerts throughout the year: Six to Eight concerts, conveniently scheduled over the weekends, with superior audio arrangements and concert atmosphere, so you can experience a new way to relax and enjoy music. Scroll down to enroll online.
  • Highest Quality Music: Sangeetha has hosted over 200 renowned, internationally acclaimed artistes over the past 36 years and actively promotes upcoming talent.
  • Tax-deductible: Your donations are tax-deductible as Sangeetha is a registered Not-For-Profit organization under IRS clause 501 (c) (3).

We, therefore, strongly urge you to take advantage of this membership offer and strengthen one of the finest Indian cultural associations in St. Louis. We are convinced that it will be one of the best choices you will have exercised in recent times.